Daily Office Meals

When it comes to food, meeting everyone's demands can be a full-time job.
We're making it easier! Choose two items daily, individually served in bio- degradable microwave friendly containers.
Please see an example below of menu choices. We can also tailor make a menu to suit your demands.

Menu Selector

Salads R60

Greek salad with toasted pita (V)
Plump olives, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sliced red onion and a hint of lettuce

Sunshine Sprouting Salad (V)
Orange segments, grated carrot, sliced radishes, wild rocket, mixed bean sprouts, cherry tomatoes tossed with natural yoghurt, honey & black pepper dressing

Gregson Salad (V)
Roasted butternut, sundried tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, feta & couscous with spring onion

Chargrilled eggplant, olive and feta salad (V)
Tossed with rocket, slivered red onion & roasted cherry tomatoes

Thyme & Lime house salad (V)
Leafy greens tossed with cucumber ribbons, cherry tomato, beetroot, feta and avocado

Baby rocket salad with poached pears & crumbled blue cheese (V)
Tossed with toasted nuts and mixed leaves & poppy dressing

Tuna, grape & feta salad
Crunchy celery, lettuce & grated carrot with lemon dressing

Sweet chilli crumbed chicken salad
Roasted cherry tomatoes, mixed leaves, cucumber and crumbled feta

Mediterranean Niçoise salad
Steamed green beans, roasted cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion, baby new potatoes, olives, hens egg and tuna with a hint of lettuce

BBQ beef, couscous & caramelized onion salad
Infused with roasted peppers and buttery mushrooms

Oriental honey & soy sesame chicken salad
Mixed leaves, grated carrot, green onion, toasted peanuts & coriander leaves

Spicy chicken Caesar salad
Mixed leaves, crunchy parmesan croutons, cherry tomatoes, hens egg bound together in a creamy dressing

Panini Burgers R65

Served in a large panini bun with homemade pickles, roasted onions, rocket & seared cherry tomatoes

  • Sweet chilli crumbed chicken & feta
  • Garlic black mushroom & cheddar (V)
  • Flame grilled Lamb & tzatziki
  • Lamb & tsatziki
  • Grilled chicken & BBQ pineapple
  • Beef & creamed horseradish
  • Grilled chicken with apricot & peppadew chutney
  • Smoked paprika battered aubergine with peppered hummus (V)
  • Beef & camembert with roasted pepper pesto

Pasta R60

Seared chicken pesto linguine
Tossed with sliced green onions, roasted cherry tomatoes in crème fraiche basil pesto

Chicken Cacciatore
Penne pasta tossed with buttery mushrooms, hint of garlic, marinara sauce, grilled chicken and topped with cheddar cheese shavings

Beef sausage & mushroom penne
Tossed in a soured cream & chive sauce and finished with caramelised onions

Mushroom & baby spinach linguine (V)
Stir-fried mushrooms, hint of garlic & baby spinach tossed in a creamy feta cheese sauce

Chilli beef & toasted peanut noodles
With seared pak choy, bean sprouts and pickled ginger

Aubergine Melanzane (V)
Layered grilled aubergine, mozzarella, napolitana with ribbon pasta & basil pesto

Light Meals R65

  • Herb infused cottage pie with oven roast vegetables
  • Golden baked broccoli, chicken & leek lasagne
  • Broccoli, chicken & leek lasagne
  • Asian seared chicken breast with stir fried vegetables, pickled ginger & a hint of chilli
  • Broccoli, feta & tomato tart with mixed leaf salad & red pepper pesto (V)
  • Herb couscous with roasted red onions, feta & nuts topped with herb stuffed mushroom (V)
  • Indian vegetable pilaf with aubergine, peas, red pepper, coriander & cucumber raita (V)
  • Baby potato & pea curry with sambals & steamed roasted onion jasmine rice (V)
  • Flame grilled beef rump, courgette & red onion kebabs with smoked paprika potato wedges
  • Southern fried chicken drumsticks with crunchy peanut & apple coleslaw
  • Falafel & minted yoghurt stuffed pittas with crunchy slaw (V)
  • Grilled rosemary & garlic breast of chicken with lemony steamed green beans
  • Haddock kedgeree
  • Italian style beef sausage & beans on a bed of herbed couscous
  • Mustard baked chicken breast with roasted vegetables
  • Beef schnitzel with potato & leek hash
  • Beef stroganoff with penne tossed in olive oil
  • Chimichurri grilled breast of chicken with thyme & lemon served with Greek salad
  • Peppadew & feta stuffed grilled chicken breast with side Italian salad
  • Beef & vegetable stiry fry with sesame, chilli & toasted nuts